About Us

About us

Solapur has always been known as drought place and thus agriculture slows down to almost zero, it is a manufacturing hub of bidi and around 65000 women are making bidi and the bidi manufacturing also coming to an end leaving women with no other earning options. 18% of the population lives in slums and has minimum earnings to run their families. 

born by the idea of empowering these women and help their families to get a better choice, we established Eco-Friendly Carry Bag in 2016. 

There are around 200 women who are working with EFCB and were able to support their families. 


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These are very useful & they save a lot of space in your luggage too. A must-have thing for those who travel a lot and have to carry different footwear for different occasions.
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Certified Products

We have all type quality Eco-friendly carry-bags which made of cloths.

We deal with various quality Eco-friendly products!


To give employment to as many women as possible and help mother earth to get rid of single-use plastic bags.



To become the world’s top brand which totally works for the betterment of society, people, earth and become world-leading cloth bag manufacturing company. 

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Women Empowerment

It's important for women to work. They need to keep their independence, to keep earning and being challenged.